Gentlemen, start your showers!

Gentlemen’s Soap Bars.  “Inspired by forests, cliffs and dark desert skies, these bold bars are expertly crafted to invoke the raw inner self with earthy scents – while presenting a clean, polished outer self. A hefty bar at 7 ounces, with scents of lemon, citrus, passion fruit, and mint that evoke and inspire adventure and intrigue with every wash.”

That is what Matr Boomie’s website says.  When I smelled the quartet of soaps, I said something more like “Oh!  Oh my.  Oh man, these smell good!  Wow, can someone please go take a shower with one of these so I can follow them around sniffing them the rest of the day?”  Then it almost got awkward until I realized the ‘gentleman’ part is a suggestion rather than a requirement and decided to just use one myself!  Matr Boomie also has a full line of fragrant soaps for gentle women who do not want to smell like forests, sailboats, and tartan.

Matr Boomie only offers wholesale purchasing online, but you can find their products in Ten Thousand Villages locations Asheville, Atlanta, Greensboro, and St .Paul, or you can use their Store Locator here.


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